Report: Pippa Middleton is Back on The Market Again

November 11, 2011 By:
Report: Pippa Middleton is Back on The Market Again

England's biggest hearth throb is back on the market. Yep, Pippa Middleton and her infamous butt are single again.

According to friends, Pippa and her longtime boyfriend, Alex Loudon, have been having a string of arguments in recent weeks. And then on Thursday night, Pippa allegedly got emotional support from her royal sister, Kate Middleton, and her husband, Prince William.

A source also adds:

"Pippa tried to get over the split by spending last weekend with Wills and Kate at [Scottish royal residence] Balmoral. She and Alex split briefly in the summer, but this time it's over. They are barely speaking."

Word is that Alex is jealous over Pippa's sex symbol status, as well as her friendship with Prince Harry. You remember those photos of Pippa and Harry arm in arm at the wedding, right? They both had those "I wanna bone you" smirks on their faces. Or at least, that's what Loudon thought.

The source added:

"It was said after the wedding that Alex was jealous of Pippa flirting with Prince Harry. But the truth is, she and Harry are just [friends]."

Yeah, and anyway, Harry is busy going to Walmarts in Southern California.

The newly single Pippa told friends she's in no rush to find a new man. But when she does, what's she looking for?

"She's always gone for sporty guys," a pal said. "Whoever is lucky enough to win her affections will have to be athletic."

Loudon was a cricket player, by the way.

The two allegedly got into a pretty heated argument at a friend's wedding a couple of months ago. During a different separation, Pippa was spotted with another former boyfriend, George Percy, in Madrid. The two enjoyed their time together before Middleton decided to reconcile with Loudon. Pippa and Alex had been dating for three years.

Just a few weeks ago, it was even rumored that Loudon was going to pop the question. Well, apparently that question was, "Do you think we should see other people?"

The 31 year-old was rumored to have asked one of his friends to look for an engagement ring for him and wanted to keep the proposal quiet.

A source told The Sun: "Alex knows that if he doesn't ask her soon he might lose her. He's an ideal choice for Pippa."