Pippa Middleton's Lawyers Threaten Paparazzi: Back Off or Else!

January 18, 2012 By:
Pippa Middleton's Lawyers Threaten Paparazzi: Back Off or Else!

Aside from being dubbed The Royal Hotness, Pippa Middleton is famous for being “the next best thing to Kate Middleton.” Let’s call it what it is.

Paparazzi cannot stalk Kate Middleton because she’s surrounded by a royal security team, but her sister is free game.

Apparently the collective UK paparazzi take about 300 to 400 pictures per day of Pippa! Is she that cool? I mean, she’s got a great ass, but c’mon, does she have any talents? No. Does she have her own fragrance? No. Does she have a reality show? Yet again, no. That's the holy trinity of fame, obviously.

The paparazzo stalking is apparently causing her “serious distress and anxiety” and her lawyers have sent all the paparazzi cease and desist letters, hoping to curb the “9 or 10 agencies outside her door every day.”

So far, only one publication is listening. The Daily Mail says they will no longer use paparazzi photos of Pippa Middleton, which is totally a lie because if you’ve seen The Daily Mail, it’s basically “The Daily Middleton,” you would think no other celebrities exist on that website.

Pippa’s lawyers says that if the harassing paparazzo don’t lay off, they are gonna slap them with a lawsuit.

C’mon you guys, Kim Kardashian is willing and able to be photographed. Why don’t you send several of those paps over here to the US?

“It is extremely intimidating to our client to have to face a group of unknown men outside her home and office who pursue her both day and night.”