Pippa Middleton Speaks On Camera For the First Time

March 5, 2012 By:
Pippa Middleton Speaks On Camera For the First Time

Yes, Pippa Middleton can talk. You know you’re big when the mere fact that you’re speaking—not even what you’re saying—makes headlines.

Pippa Middleton, the sister of Duchess Kate Middleton, became a household name when the world caught a glimpse of her behind at the Royal Wedding. So when the world goes ape crap over the fact that you have a butt, it’s no surprise that they’re going to go crazy when you speak, too.

Middleton completed Vasaloppet, a 56-mile cross country ski race in Sweden for the children’s charity Magic Breakfast. After the race, in which Pippa placed 412th place (out of 1,734 women), a Swedish TV outlet approached Middleton and asked her how it was.

“It’s tiring,” Pippa said, totally out of breath. When asked how often she prepared for the race, the royal-by-marriage responded:

“Couple of weekends.”

Pippa then admitted that her skiing skills were “average.”

James Middleton, Pippa’s brother, also took part in the race, finishing in 5,531st out of 14,072 men.

Pippa wrote on her personal page on the Justgiving.com website: “My brother and I are raising money for Magic Breakfast, a small registered charity that fights child hunger through breakfast clubs and delivering free breakfasts (bagels, cereal, juice and porridge) to thousands of state primary school children in the UK,
particularly our inner cities.”

Meanwhile, Pippa’s older sister, Kate, is set to give her first public speech at a hospice center in Ipswich on March 19th.