Is Pippa Middleton Secretly Engaged?

September 3, 2013 By:
Is Pippa Middleton Secretly Engaged?

Normally we don’t care about Pippa Middleton because honestly she’s the sister of a non-famous person who only became famous through marriage. But she might be secretly engaged and for some reason that’s really exciting for us because secrets and romance and yeah!

According to the UK Mirror, Pippa has been engaged to her non-royal stockbroker boyfriend Nico Jackson since June, but Pippa didn’t want to say anything for fear of overshadowing her sister’s royal birth.

Silly Pippa, nothing would overshadow the royal birth, not even if you married Prince Harry in Vegas wearing a t-shirt that looked like your a*s at the royal wedding.

“Pippa loved seeing Kate go down the aisle and now it is her turn for a fairytale wedding,” a source told the Mirror, “She couldn’t be more sure that Nico is the right man for her.”

Apparently Nico is the “real deal” and that they will formally announce the engagement on Friday.