Pippa Middleton Considering Move to NYC

October 4, 2012 By:
Pippa Middleton Considering Move to NYC

The UK star likes what she sees across the pond.

Following rumors that Pippa Middleton was growing tired of Great Britain’s ways, a new report seems to suggest that the socialite is moments away from purchasing a NYC pad.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail the British starlet has taken an interest in an extravagant apartment, neighboring Central Park.


A sighting begs Pippa entering the residential building along with the realtor.

The Duchess’ sister reportedly was seen meeting up with a big time NYC realtor who was starting sales on a luxury building in the Big Apple last month. The unit that Pippa’s interested in is a three bedroom property valued at a jaw-dropping $17 million.

Time out… What exactly does Pippa do for a living where she can afford shelling out that kind of cash? Oh, that’s right, she has a party planning company...

Anyways, the building also has two-bedroom and one-bedroom units as well. The reason that the report has narrowed in on the three-bedroom pad, is because that layout is all that is available.

“When Pippa was here a few weeks ago, she went into a building on East 57th street and had a meeting with a high-end realtor who was planning sales for a mega property in the city,” a source said.


And – based on published renderings for the unit – the apartment is straight up posh.

With an open, loft design, custom hardwood floors, gymnasium-high ceilings and glass walls all around.

Also included in the complex is a “screening and performance room,” a yoga studio, a library – with billards and a mega aquarium and a swimming pool and a private fitness center.

Now that’s living like royalty without actually being royalty…

In addition to setting down US roots, Pippa is expected to start promoting her book, A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends, soon.