Pippa Middleton is a Godmother

June 28, 2011 By:
Pippa Middleton is a Godmother

Pippa Middleton is not just famous for being related to someone who married royalty, she’s also the godmother to the son of a Countess.

The young Baby Casimir has three godfathers, but Auntie Pippa is the only godmother. Pippa attended the Christening of the five-year-old son of her friend Marie-Sophie, the Countess of Montgelas and her husband, Ari Tatos, in Switzerland this past weekend.

Pippa is friends with a Countess? What is with these Middleton girls? Were they raised to be royalty groupies?

Pippa’s relationship status has been very up in the air lately, but she went to the church service alone and left with a female friend.

I think Pippa is famous for being Kate’s sister but also for being stylish or something? I’m not really sure why we care about her, but royal sartorialists will be shocked to know that she wore the same red lace dress to the Christening as she did to Katie Percy and Patrick Valentine’s wedding in February.