Pippa Middleton Dating Her Own Royal

February 3, 2012 By:
Pippa Middleton Dating Her Own Royal

First her butt, and now this.

Kate Middleton nabbed the most-wanted Prince in the world, but Pippa Middleton will not be outdone. The famous sister has hooked up with her own royal, George Percy, heir to the Duke of Northumberland. I'm not convinced that title isn't completely made up.

Pippa and George have been longtime friends, as they went to college together. A source close to Pippa told the British Sun: "George is very smitten and completely in love with her."

The couple have been rumored to be dating before, when Pippa broke up with Alex Loudon. She and Percy reportedly reignited their flame after hanging out at the Middleton family's New Year's Eve Party.

The Sun reported:

"Pippa sat herself next to George at supper and made sure she was hanging off his arm all night. And then she made her move."

So Pippa's a little prowler. Good for her.

And if Bridget Jones's Diary and Ricky Gervais shows have taught me anything, it's that "made her move" means she smiled awkwardly at him, fell on her ass, and ended up flashing the entire party.

As the future Duke, Percy is entitled to 100,000 acres, 100 farms, a country home in Surrey, and a mansion in London. The family also owns Alnwick Castle, also known as Hogwarts. The castle was used in the Harry Potter movies as Hogwarts School.

So if Pippa and George get married (yes, we're already planning it), she'll be a Duchess just like her sister.