From Pippa to Elisabetta: Celebs Who Got Famous by Association

September 7, 2011 By:
From Pippa to Elisabetta: Celebs Who Got Famous by Association

Some people are famous for being talented, appearing in movies, or having chart topping albums. Other people get famous because they know a famous person. Whenever you have to ask yourself, "Why is this person famous?" that usually means that person is a celebrity by association.

These are the stars who only became famous because they associated with someone more famous than themselves.

Elisabetta Canalis: Oh Elisabetta Canalis, don't even get me started. Wikipedia claims she is an "Italian Actress" but let's be real, she's George Clooney's ex-girlfriend. Because George Clooney is essentially a lifelong bachelor, all of his girlfriends become full-fledged celebs simply by association because they seem so rare and special. Elisabetta dated George from June 2009 to June 2011 and now that they've broken up, she has graced more magazine covers that he does and is now appearing on "Dancing With The Stars" which really should be named "Dancing With The Stars Exes."

Pippa Middleton: Pippa is an in-law to royalty. She is an unfamous girl, who is related to an unfamous girl who married somebody famous and thusly became famous. Pippa is an English party planner by trade, but after being the Maid of Honor at her sisters wedding to Prince William she became London's favorite socialite. She's also famous for having a very nice ass. Whether she's famous for having a great behind or being associated with royalty, you decide. Regardless, do you know how many babies were named Pippa this year?

J.Lo's Exes - Ojani Noa and Cris Judd: Ojani Noa will forever be famous for being Jennifer Lopez's first husband, while he has never tried to become a celebrity or join a celebrity dancing or rehab show, he has his own bio on TMZ. Noa was a waiter when J.Lo met him, and not even a struggling-actor waiter, he was just a waiter waiter. After J.Lo divorced Noa and dated P.Diddy for a second, she married for a second time to a back-up dancer Chris Judd who met J.Lo when he appeared in her music video for "Love Don't Cost a Thing." Sometimes when Chris Judd teaches dance classes he doesn't even list his accomplishments to entice dancers to learn from him, he just writes "One of J.Lo's husbands."

Dina, Michael and Ali Lohan: Never have so many people benefited from the fame of one person. Somehow Lindsay Lohan has launched the careers of her mother, father and sister. I honestly cannot tell you what Dina does by trade or what Ali actually pursues, however, Michael Lohan was a Wall Street trader before he turned into a *celebrity.* He has appeared on Celebrity Rehab, and he can thank every moment of that reality stint to Lindsay. Dina became famous for being Lindsay's mom, oh she was also her "manager", which means she found her the best drugs clubs in LA and helped her climb in and out of taxi cabs at 3am. Ali Lohan's wikipedia page says she is an "American Model" which proves that Ali Lohan updates her own wikipedia page.

Gayle King: Everybody knows who Gayle King is because she's best friends with Oprah Winfrey. Imagine if God has a bestie, that friend might be as famous as Gayle King. Gayle and Oprah met in 1976 when Oprah hosted the 6 o'clock news in Baltimore where she met Gayle who was working as a production assistant for the show. Since then, Oprah has helped Gayle's career by hiring her at O magazine and hosting a radio show together on SiriusXM radio.