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NAME:Pippa Middleton BIRTH DATE:September 6, 1983 (Age: 31) PLACE OF BIRTH:Reading, Berkshire, England

Pippa was born Philippa Charlotte Middleton on September 6, 1983 to flight attendant Carole and flight dispatcher Michael. Pippa's younger brother James is a businessman while her older sister Kate is the Duchess of Cambridge and married to Prince William. In the early 90s, Carole launched her company Party Pieces, where Pippa first witnessed her life in the spotlight as a model for the Party Pieces catalog.

Pippa and Kate both attended St. Andrew's School in Pangbourne, the girls' boarding school Downe House and Marlborough College in Wiltshire, but Pippa stood out in the crowd as the attentive, outgoing student of the two. Pippa then went on to study English literature at the University of Edinburgh alongside children of the dukes and earls. There, she developed a romance with the son of the Duke of Northumberland, George Percy. Ensuing her graduation in 2008, Pippa worked for a public relations firm and as a party planner in London, where she was often seen hanging out with aristocrats at the hottest nightclubs.

Pippa's rise to fame presented itself when her sister Kate started dating Prince William while attending University of St. Andrew in Scotland. Their romance was a daily discussion in the press and Pippa began getting noticed when she was spotted shopping with Kate and associating with the royal crowd on many occasions. Pippa's fashion sense and classic beauty quickly created a fan base and the two sisters were soon known as the "wisteria sisters."

On November 2010, Kate and Prince William announced their engagement and maid of honor Pippa was right by their sides, helping the couple plan the royal wedding. On April 29, 2011, their highly publicized ceremony at Westminster Abby finally arrived. Although Kate's bridal dress was breathtaking, Pippa stole the spotlight with her voluptuous ivory dress by Alexander McQueen's Sarah Burton as she carried her sister's train. Her athletic figure and tight rear propelled her to celebrity status.

The press' infatuation with Pippa continues to grow until this day, studying her love life and every event she attends. In September 2011, she was photographed sitting front row in the majority of events at London Fashion Week.

Dating History – Pippa Boyfriends

2004 - 2007

Pippa dated Jonathan Jardine Patterson, who is the heir to a major Hong Kong diamond business.


Pippa briefly dated socialite Simon Youngman, who comes from a family associated with the diamond business.


Pippa and socialite Billy More Nisbett had a quick romance but a full on relationship never developed.


Pippa and club owner, socialite Charlie Gilkes dated briefly, but the two remain friends.


Pippa had a fling with heir to the Duke of Northumberland George Percy while they attended the University of Edinburgh.


According to London tabloids, Pippa and socialite Guy Pelly were romantically involved, though they were never able to confirm the rumors.

April 2010 - July 2010

Reportedly, Pippa had a short romance with Alexander Spencer-Churchill, who is related to Sir Winston Churchill.

November 2010 - November 2011

Pippa and English cricketer Alex Loudon dated from late 2010 to 2011 before splitting up. They reunited in June 2011, just in time for Alex to get an invite to the royal wedding. Supposedly, Alex and Prince William have been friends since the two met at Eton College.

December 2011 - January 2012

Rumors that Pippa and ex-boyfriend George Percy were back together developed when The Sun reported that the couple was spotted getting nice and cozy at a New Year's Eve party. Their reps adamantly denied any type of romance between the two.

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