Pink Saves a Puppy's Life

December 23, 2011 By:
Pink Saves a Puppy's Life

After singer Pink heard about a puppy that was thrown off an LA overpass into a river, Pink became that dogs hero and paid $5,000 for the pup to have a procedure that saved it’s life.

Pink, who is a very involved animal rights activist, contacted the Ace of Hearts animal rescue organization after she heard what happened to the dog, and offered to pay for all it’s medical expenses.

The dog is now doing much better and has been adopted by a family. Awww. A Puppy For Christmas! Which I think is also the title of an ABC Family made-for-TV movie.

Pink is not the only celebrity who has helped save a life. Earlier this year, Kate Winslet saved Richard Branson’s 90-year-old mother from a house fire when Necker Island caught on fire, carrying the elderly woman to safety.

Tom Cruise also footed a bill for a very needy person. Almost a decade ago, Cruise witnessed a hit-and-run and called the ambulance for the woman who was injured, but when he found out she didn’t have insurance he gave her $7000, the entire amount of the hospital bill.

Brad Pitt was a real-life hero this summer when an extra got nearly trampled to death by 700 people during the filming of a zombie stampede for his movie, World War Z. Pitt ruined the take by jumping to the woman’s aid and rescuing her.

Rapper T.I. heard about an Atlanta man threatening to jump to his death over the side of a 22-story-building. He raced over to try and talk the guy down but the cops wouldn’t let him near, so he recorded a message on his phone for the guy and had the police pass it to him and the guy stepped away from the ledge.