Pink Gets Attacked for Waving Rainbow Flag

August 5, 2013 By:
Pink Gets Attacked for Waving Rainbow Flag

Make that verbally attacked.

At a performance in Sydney, Australia last night, Pink literally showed her support for the gay community.

During a performance of her song “Trouble,” the LGBT supporter saw an audience member holding up a rainbow flag near the front of the stage.

Without hesitating or missing a beat, she pranced over to the concertgoer, took the ROYGBIV stripes, spun it in the air and proudly waved it for the audience.

That’s when people living in the stone ages, who somehow got their hands on our modern-day technology, made their thoughts known on Twitter, sending the singer homophobic messages, because they had nothing better to do with their lives.

Pink responded with her signature, take-no-prisoners style, tweeting:

Preach, Pink.