Petra Ecclestone Gets a Rolls Royce For Her Birthday

September 2, 2011 By:
Petra Ecclestone Gets a Rolls Royce For Her Birthday

Hollywood just doesn’t have enough rich, gorgeous heiresses, so we’ve recruited Petra Ecclestone, the British Formula One heiress.

Ecclestone recently celebrated a birthday, and if you’ve ever wondered what to get a gal who has everything, the answer is: a Rolls Royce. Upon returning to Los Angeles on Thursday, Ecclestone was greeted with a bow-topped white Rolls Royce, given to her by her new husband James Stunt.

An eyewitness said Ecclestone “seemed very excited” to find the car parked outside of the couple’s Beverly Hills hotel. You think? I think "very excited" is the general reaction to receiving any car, much less a Rolls Royce. My reaction would likely be "heart attack."

Ecclestone recently made the news when she purchased the gigantic, lavish mansion owned by Candy Spelling. The estate is currently undergoing renovations, which I’m guessing consists of getting all the bad Spelling Family juju out of there.

“Petra and her husband James are very excited to be moving to L.A,” a source tells People. "They're staying in a hotel until renovations on their new home are complete, but they hope to move in later this month."

Both heiresses have been approached about getting their own reality series in the States, and something tells me we’re going to be seeing them on Bravo/Oxygen/Lifetime soon.

American TV execs are looking to sign Tamara for her own reality TV show, launching her career as the “English Rose version of Paris Hilton.” The English socialite already has a three-part UK reality show called Tamara’s World, set to premiere over there in October. And really, they couldn’t come up with a better name than “Tamara’s World”? Might as well call it, “The World According to Tamara”.

A source from the Ecclestone camp tells RadarOnline:

“Tamara's going to Los Angeles in September and she's meeting with networks out there to discuss a reality TV show in the States. We have been approached by a number of networks keen to talk to Tamara about her own shows.”

Petra will reportedly also be featured on the reality series, and a source says she’s desperate to become a reality star as well.

Petra and Stunt married in Italy on Saturday, and yes, there’s going to be an epic after-party. In Los Angeles, Petra is planning to throw her “official coming out to Hollywood party.”

According to a source:

“Petra will be throwing an over-the-top party at the house after she is married in Rome. The party will be for James and Petra, but have no doubt about it; this party is going to be all about her. She wants to be a reality star.”