Pete Wentz Jumps on Obama Wagon

January 17, 2008 By:
Pete Wentz Jumps on Obama Wagon

'Fall Out Boy' singer Pete Wentz is officially on the Obama bandwagon and he's hoping his band's fame will help him in the upcoming presidential elections. Either that or he's hoping to get on Oprah's good side.

Wentz and his band mates have agreed to host a fundraising gala next Tuesday at Chicago's Lakeview Broadcasting Company.

He says, "If we had the speeches or the momentum of Oprah, we'd probably have done something else. But given that many fans of ours are under the age of 18, we decided that convincing their parents to get involved monetarily, or by canvassing neighborhoods, is probably the best."

Aside from getting a chance to hang with the band, all attendees will receive a free t-shirt designed by Wentz!