Pete Wentz Helps Out Nursing Home

April 22, 2008 By:
Pete Wentz Helps Out Nursing Home

Pete Wentz is urging all his fans to donate money to his grandmothers nursing home so her friend Daniel can get the money he needs to get an organ transplant.

Pete's Message:

“He works in my grandma’s nursing home (and) is just a very quiet, amazing soul. He is diabetic and is in dire need of an organ transplant but can’t afford treatment. The nursing home asked for a couple of signed CDs because they are having a spaghetti dinner fundraiser on 4 May, and they hope to raise a couple of hundred dollars, but not much. For some reason this completely bummed me out. That doesn’t really seem like enough for someone who is someone’s dad or brother. I know lots of you don’t have a ton of cash to throw around but I also have met so many of you guys who are just good peeps.”

There wasn't any information listed as to how to donate money, but you can check out their official website for more info.