Pete Wentz Compares Unborn Baby To Record

July 10, 2008 By:
Pete Wentz Compares Unborn Baby To Record

Pete Wentz talked to Ryan Seacrest on air this morning and talked about how different his life now that he's going to be a dad.

He says he feels like he's turning into his dad, because he gets annoyed with traffic at rush hour, and comes home to his pregnant wife every night.

When Ryan asked if Ashlee is having any cravings, he just said she wants green olives on everything, and pickles. But the best comment had to have been the way Pete said he described having a baby to his Fall Out Boy band mates.

Pete said, "It's like making a record, but knowing you're going to mix it for the next 18 years."

In other Pete news, the first episode of FNMTV airs this Friday, featuring
him as the host. He'll be talking to artists like Katy Perry, the Game, the
Jonas Brothers, and many more, plus he'll unveil new videos every week. So tune in!