Pete Doherty Still a Junkie

April 16, 2008 By:
Pete Doherty Still a Junkie

Our favorite crackhead is at it again! Pete Doherty is really enjoying his time behind bars, mostly because he snuck in some goodies to keep him entertained.

The UK
Sun claims that, despite being on the substitute drug methadone, heroin is being smuggled into his cell at the detox wing of Wormwood Scrubs.

An inmate is quoted as saying: "We can’t believe how much he's still clucking for it. They put him inside to force him to give up but Pete always has a need to feed his habit."

Get this, he even has a man bitch named Ray that's promised to watch his back while he's in the pokey just in case his fellow inmates try to rob him.

A rep for the prison said: "We will act on any intelligence which indicates drugs are being smuggled or abused."

Oh Petey, some things will never change. We promise you'll always be our favorite junkie.