Pete Doherty Jailed for Cocaine Possession After Death of Heiress

May 20, 2011 By:
Pete Doherty Jailed for Cocaine Possession After Death of Heiress

I think all this doomsday talk might have some validity, because Pete Doherty has been jailed for the third time, and I’m pretty sure that’s an apocalyptic sign.

Doherty was arrested in January of last year after the overdose death of heiress Robyn Whitehead. Whitehead was filming a documentary about Doherty, and had filmed the two of them smoking crack cocaine together. Doherty supplied the cocaine and lit the pipe for her.

A documentary about Pete Doherty is pointless. You want to know the story of his life? Just ask him to smile. His teeth pretty much say it all.

Doherty somehow got off earlier this month when it was announced he wouldn’t face charges over the death of another partygoer, Mark Blanco. Blanco got into an altercation with Doherty at a party and shortly after fell from a balcony. Although a suspect, there wasn’t enough evidence to charge Doherty in the man’s death.

The moral here is, never, ever party with Pete Doherty. If you’re at a party, and he shows up, turn around and leave immediately.

Over the course of his career—and I’m talking drugs, not music, because at this point that seems to be his only area of expertise—Doherty has made thirteen court appearances and had twenty five convictions for drug-related offenses. He should be jailed for wasting taxpayers’ money alone.

Doherty was jailed in 2003 for burgling the home of his fellow band mate. He returned in 2008, spending approximately a month in jail for violating probation with drug and driving offenses.

But it’s important that he be released repeatedly, despite the fact that he puts peoples’ lives in danger, because we need him. I mean, he makes mediocre music and dated an ex supermodel. He’s really contributing to society, you know?