Who Tops PETA's Sexiest List?

June 18, 2008 By:
Who Tops PETA's Sexiest List?

PETA has created a list of their picks for sexiest vegetarians. And topping the list is newcomer Leona Lewis and Chili Pepper frontman Anthony Kedis. The two beat out more well-known celebs like Kristen Bell, Emily Deschanel, Milo Ventimiglia, Casey Affleck, Hayden Panettiere and Jason Schwartzman for the honor.

Leona says, "I am totally against animal cruelty. I am vegetarian so I don't have clothes, shoes, or bags made from leather or suede or any animal products… I'm on a mission."

Kiedis, who is a vegan says, "I saw some documentary footage of what happens in the factory farming of cows... It sealed the deal."

So the Olsens didn't make the list? Surprising!