PETA Attacks

October 4, 2006 By:

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals activists made headlines Monday by vandalizing designer Jean Paul Gaultier's Paris Boutique. They reportedly drenched the windows of his boutique with red paint(symbolizing animal blood) during the fashion week. The group has branded the designer "imbecile". Ouch!

Actress/Activist Brigitte Bardot has stepped up and is defending PETA’s attack. She said via a spokesperson, "I cannot believe that (Gaultier) is unable to (stop using fur). Only imbeciles do not change opinions."

Meanwhile, Jean Paul must have jumped on the 'skinny model ban' bandwagon 'cause last night during the fashion show, he surprised guests by parading Velvet, a plus-sized model, down the catwalk to show off his clothes.

"Jean-Paul wanted to show beauty can be universal," said a spokesperson for the fashion house.

"He thinks all women are beautiful and aims to challenge society's beauty stereotypes."