Penelope Cruz Disses P.Diddy

January 18, 2010 By:
Penelope Cruz Disses P.Diddy

The 67th Annual Golden Globes Awards took place tonight in Beverly Hills and while LA is infamous for great weather, that wasn't the case today on the red carpet.

Celebrities had an escort to usher them through the pouring rain, but Penelope Cruz was one of the few stars holding her own umbrella.

When E! new's Ryan Seacrest pointed it out to her, she joked, "I knew I would be holding my own umbrella. I'm not like Puff Daddy [Diddy], I hold my own umbrella."

Of course she was referring to Diddy's infamous personal assistant and "Umbrella Holder," Farnsworth Bentley.

Luckily Penelope got a little light rain while she walked the carpet in her gorgeous black chiffon and lace dress. What do you think of Penelope's dress? Love it or hate it?