Peaches Back On With Ex?

August 15, 2008 By:
Peaches Back On With Ex?

Just one week after her quickie wedding in Vegas, Peaches Geldof is already back home in London, and already seeing her ex boyfriend Faris Badwan.

As soon as Peaches landed in London, Faris was the first person she called. He went over to her North London flat and they got into a huge argument! He ended up staying over that night, but he was reportedly fuming over the fact that she married another man.

A friend tells the UK Sun: “No one could believe Peaches had invited Faris round as soon as she got back, never mind let him stay the night.

“They were a couple before she went to Las Vegas, then she decides to get married on a whim, comes back and rings up Faris as if what she has done is the most normal thing in the world."

Her friends added that Peaches lives in this delusional "bubble" and is convinced she's some "tragic superstar." Clearly the quickie wedding and calling over the ex is a plea for attention. What do you guys think?