Watch: The Trailer for "The Pauly D Project"

March 1, 2012 By:
Watch: The Trailer for

Spinoff’s here!

Pauly D is probably the most drama-free cast member of ‘Jersey Shore.’ And he might not be banging his head on a concrete wall or hiding his pregnancy, but hey, he’s still mad entertaining.

That’s why MTV decided to give the fist-pumping, record-spinning DJ his own ‘Jersey Shore’ spinoff show, ‘The Pauly D Project.' The show is set to premiere Thursday, March 29. A brand new trailer for the show has just been released, and it basically documents Pauly’s rise to fame.

“I’m from a small state called Rhode Island. I live literally in the same house as my dad. And my mom, she just lives like five minutes away,” Pauly says in the trailer.

“’Jersey Shore’ made me famous, but now it’s time for me to show the world what I’m all about,” Pauly says.

The DJ packs up his friends, Biggie, Jerry and Ryan and takes them with him when he gets his residency at the Palms in Las Vegas.

“I thank god that he’s had these opportunities and he chose to bring me along,” Pauly’s friend says through tears.

Pauly’s record deal with 50 Cent and his appearance on the Britney Spears tour are both featured in the trailer. In one scene, he returns home to Rhode Island, where he reunites with a high school girlfriend. For a manicure, at least.

“Angel is probably one of the only girl friends that I have,” Pauly says. “I dated her in high school.”

“I was with him for like seven years, and he was with me for like, two months,” Angel laughs.

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