Pauly D's Ridiculous Salary Revealed

April 20, 2011 By:
Pauly D's Ridiculous Salary Revealed

Giving us yet another reason to roll our eyes and pretend we don't watch Jersey Shore, Life & Style magazine is reporting that Pauly D makes $500,000 a month.

Because I think you could pay the cast of Jersey Shore in Twinkies and chocolate coins and they wouldn’t know the difference, this is infuriating. I mean, good for him and all, but half a mill a month is disgusting.

Pauly D is one of the most sought after DJs right now, getting paid $40,000 per set. At three to six gigs a week, you do the math. Then you throw up. He also endorses Miracle Whip, an iPad app, and Dirty Couture clothing.

In 2012, the fist pumping reality star will start a residency as DJ of the Palms Casino in Vegas. And of course, he'll be back in the fourth season of Jersey Shore. If you have a Nielsen box, please take one for the team and watch something else on Thursday nights.

If America keeps watching this stuff, people are going to think we're * looks around and whispers * stupid.