Pauly D at War with His Baby Mama

October 23, 2013 By:
Pauly D at War with His Baby Mama
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Yesterday we reported the surprising news that Pauly D is a dad.

Yet another "Jersey Shore" alum has decided to procreate. Well, decided isn’t the word to use here, but rather, Pauly D found out he had a love child that was born in May.

Pauly D is on board to support the kid financially and be in their life, but the catch is…the baby mama is just one of Pauly’s one-night stands and she and Pauly reportedly can’t stand each other.

Pauly’s trying to say she’s an unfit mother to either get more custody or avoid paying child support. Either way, he’s put in court documents that his baby mama (Amanda) is a bad mom because she used to work at Hooters and has another child at home.

We think that’s a bit of a stretch. Who says Hooters waitresses make bad parents? They only make bad fashion choices; let’s give their parenting skills the benefit of the doubt.

Anyways, Pauly thinks Amanda is using the baby to get a fat paycheck because Pauly D IS one of the highest paid DJs around, believe it or not.

Despite Pauly’s over-the-top baby announcement yesterday, he and the mother HATE each other. 

We put our creepy stalking skills to the test and found this photo that Amanda posted to her Instagram 14 months ago while acting like a true fan girl at a Pauly D show in Vegas. The baby was born in May, this photo was taken 14 months the math. Congrats baby, this drunk Vegas photo was the moment you were conceived.