Pauly D Makes Forbes’ Highest Paid DJ List

August 3, 2012 By:
Pauly D Makes Forbes’ Highest Paid DJ List

Somewhere in the world Deadmau5 just threw up a little bit…

Proving that the EDM genre is taking over America and the music industry as a whole, business publication Forbes published their first ever “Electronic Cash Kings” list. Topping the top ten was a list of expected veterans with one glaring exception… Pauly D.

The “Jersey Shore” star arrived at number seven of the list. According to Forbes, Pauly D… I’m sorry… “DJ” Pauly D brings in a cool $11 million a year.

“Our estimates include earnings from these live shows,” the article reads. “For many artists, that often means more than $100,000 for a night’s work.”

DJ's also bring in cash by other means like record sales, endorsements, and merchandising, which were also accounted for in the list. In Pauly D’s case, he adds to that his MTV deal for his appearance on the “Shore.”

According to entertainment publication Vulture, Pauly makes $175,000 per episode. Looking at season four numbers, he also receives signing and end of season bonuses, that year totaling an additional $600,000.

Expecting a backlash from avid EDM-ers, Forbes included a disclaimer for featuring Pauly on the list.

“We included him on this list because, like his fellow Electronic Cash Kings, he makes at least half his cash from DJ gigs,” the article reads.

Pauly managed to beat out Kaskade, Afrojack, and Avicii for the number seven spot. Though he is surely not happy with sharing a top ten with his rival, Deadmau5 did manage to sneak by Pauly D for the number six spot with $11.5 million in earnings.

However, no one could touch Tiësto, who blasted by the competition with his $22 million a year salary.