Pauly D and Romeo Search For Love On 'The Choice'

June 8, 2012 By:
Pauly D and Romeo Search For Love On 'The Choice'

FOX’s newest dating series “The Choice” premiered Thursday night and I was pretty excited for this new dating series.

It promised to be “The Voice” meets "Blind Date," and regular girls get to date “celebrities” – “celebrity” being a term thrown around very loosely.

However, it was the most awkward cheer-if-you-think-she’s-hot kind of dating show ever.

The celebrity bachelors were Pauly D, rapper Romeo, “Days of Our Lives” actor Jason Cook and Olympic skier Jeremy Bloom.

The premise of the show is similar to “The Voice.” If the bachelors like what they hear, they pull their “love handle” and swing around to come face to the face with the girl they just choose.

The guys would ask the girls banal questions like “What’s your favorite color?” but it didn’t really matter what she said because the guys in the live studio audience were cheering loudest for the hot girls, so our celeb singles ended up choosing the girls with the loudest applause, i.e. the most attractive ones.

Then, in the final round, the guys ask a “serious” question. For example, Romeo asks, “What’s the most impressive thing you’ve done for love?” and then the girl says something silly like “cut my hair” (I dunno, probably) and then instead of giving Romeo the choice, he asks the audience who he should choose? The show should really be named "Live Studio Audience Rates Girls By Applause-O-Meter."

However, Jason Cook summed up the show pretty well.

“Ladies, this has been the most awkward blind date I’ve ever been on.”

Well played sir. Well played.

Don’t give up on the show just yet. Joe Jonas and Rob Kardashian are set to appear in a future episode!