Pauly D Addresses 'Jersey Shore' Recast Rumors, Uses Big Word

June 27, 2011 By:
Pauly D Addresses 'Jersey Shore' Recast Rumors, Uses Big Word

Amid rumors that MTV is going to replace the Jersey Shore cast, Paul “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio of Jersey Shore fame says that they’re “irreplaceable.” Good for Pauly. He practiced pronouncing a five-syllable word all week long, and he got it right.

Because the current cast keeps trying to increase their salary, rumors have surfaced that MTV plans to completely recast the show. Which makes sense, because I’m pretty sure you could replace them with seven monkeys and no one would know the difference. Or, you could pay the current cast in bananas and they wouldn't know the difference. Either way, MTV wins.

“I don’t think they could replace us,” Pauly D continues, proving that he does actually know what the word “irreplaceable” means. “They’d just be people trying to be like us, anyway.”

He’s right. A new cast would probably be totally fake—and most likely raunchy— stereotypes. Fortunately for MTV, that’s why we people started watching in the first place.

But on Friday, an MTV spokesman dismissed the rumors, saying they have “no plans to recast the show.” The cast recently finished filming season 4 in Florence, Italy.

The new season will premiere August 4th. Delvecchio says, “It’s more of the guys getting into the drama. We’re used to it with the girls, but this season it’s a lot of the guys…I think it was as much drama as there was in Miami.”

He continues, “I’ll do as many Jersey Shore’s as we can. But I know everything doesn’t last forever.”