Pauly D’s 'Remix' Will Make Him Rich

May 31, 2012 By:
Pauly D’s 'Remix' Will Make Him Rich

Pauly D is slowly becoming a household name… even for those who’ve never heard of “Jersey Shore.”

Remix is a vodka-based cocktail concoction that Pauly will soon be selling. The objective of the drink is to “pregame” before hitting the clubs, and the reality star aims to beat out Bethenny Frankel’s Skinnygirl profits with it.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, David Kanbar, co-founder of Skinnygirl, and Tom Bruno of brands like Grey Goose have partnered with Pauly on the venture.

Bruno, though he doesn’t exactly consider himself a fan of “Shore,” apparently really believes in Pauly. In a move reminiscent of the third act of a superhero movie, Bruno ascended from retirement in order to conquer the project.

“I found Pauly to be very sincere, endearing and incredibly well-thought-out about what he wanted to do,” Bruno told THR. “He sounded a lot like I did a long time ago, and it convinced me to take another swing.”

Kanbar negotiated a $100 million deal for Skinnygirl Cocktails with Fortune Brands' Beam Global in 2011. Kanbar sees similar success on the horizon for Remix, claiming that Pauly D has tapped into a somewhat bleak market of ready to serve drinks.

Remix itself will have a sweet taste and a 13.99 percent alcohol by volume. The product has a suggested retail price of $14.99 and is expected to hit stores mid-June. Names for various flavors are rumored to be guido-inspired with titles like Oye Mojito, Yeah Yumberry and Strawberry Holla-peno.

No word yet on whether each bottle will come with a free jar of hair gel…

Is this it? First his own show… a music career… his signature cocktail line… Has Pauly D truly ascended from the dark, despicable cellar of mindless reality television into a higher meaning? Is Pauly D the next… GULP… Diddy?