Bye Bye Jersey Shore! Pauly D Gets His Own Show

September 24, 2010 By:
Bye Bye Jersey Shore! Pauly D Gets His Own Show

The Situation? What Situation? Pauly D is clearly the breakout star from Jersey Shore because he's just gotten himself a spin off show.

When Pauly and the boys aren't picking up on trashy girls in the Jersey Shore, he's flying around the world to spin at the most exclusive clubs, and his new show will now follow him across the globe.

"They have already chosen a name and of course it will be deejay-related," a source told Radaronline.

"It's another MTV reality show and he'll be DJ-ing and of course doing things his fans love to watch," the source laughed, referring to Pauly's way with the ladies. "It's scheduled to begin shooting within the month."

So what's going to happen to Jersey Shore the show? Now that the show has wrapped it's third season, he has the opportunity to do both. Smart guy! Will you tune in for just Pauly D? Or do you need more Guido love to watch?