April 6, 2006 By:

“At 9 p.m. April 4, Paula Abdul came into the Hollywood Station to fill out a police report involving an incident at a party at 1 am on April 2. She said a man at the party grabbed her by the arm and threw her against a wall. She claimed to have a concussion and spinal injuries. She told officers that she sought her own medical treatment and that she would agree to have her injuries photographed at a later date.”

So she says! Us Weekly has exclusively reported that Paula was actually partying at the celebrity infested after hours called Xenii last weekend and she ran into someone she really didn’t want to. The CAA agent named Jim Lefkowitz. “Accidentally-on-purpose bumped into her”. Since Miss Paula is such a little person she ended up on the floor.

Abdul apparently was really shaken up and complained of back and neck pain. Come on Paula that pain excuse is really getting old. Is your doctor not giving you any more prescriptions? Damn some people just take some extreme measures don’t they?