Stars React to Paula Abdul's Stalker

November 13, 2008 By:
Stars React to Paula Abdul's Stalker

Celebrities and celebrity stalkers go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. Most of the time we hear about them breaking into celebrity homes and stealing clothes (or in Pamela Anderson's case, changing into her Baywatch bathing suit) but yesterday we heard some disturbing news about a Paula Abdul stalker.

A woman was found dead outside of Paula's home from an alleged drug overdose. She apparently "had an unnatural obsession" with the 'American Idol' judge.

Hollyscoop was at the Alberta Ferretti first US Flagship store opening in Hollywood yesterday where we got stars reactions to the news and got some personal stalker stories as well.

"Ya it's just sad you know. You gotta feel sorry for them. Not for Paula, but for the stalker it’s a bit sad," Melissa George told Hollyscoop. "My stalker is still alive. Nothing happened to mine," she joked.

Being as gorgeous as Elisha Cuthbert, we weren't surprised to hear that she gets fan mail from strange men behind bars. In regards to having a stalker Elisha told us, "I can’t say that I have [a stalker] you know, but I get bizarre fan mail from prison sometimes. But they’re in prison."

"It’s upsetting it really makes you think twice where you go and going places alone and all that stuff. But you can't not live your life," Lacey Chabert told Hollyscoop.

"Just as a woman you have to be careful living in the city. I try to take precaution. I try not to let it keep me up at night, even though it does sometimes.

"I’ve been followed sometimes, you just try to be defensive and not let yourself get in those situations," she added.

Check out the clip from the event below...