Paula Adbul Says She Didn't Idol Over Money

September 1, 2009 By:
Paula Adbul Says She Didn't Idol Over Money

This whole time we’ve been thinking that Paula Abdul ended up leaving American Idol because of a contract dispute. But in a new interview with TV Guide, the former Idol judge says there was much more involved in her ultimate decision.

Paula says her decision to leave wasn’t just a fight about her paycheck. She tells them, “I had to stand on my principle. I’m going to miss the experience of watching young talent evolve into a place where they get to take off and soar.”

On her career: “I stand on principle where many people stand on money. I’m a hard-working artist. I’ve lasted in this business for 23 years. And you can’t do that unless you are good at what you do.”

On her determination: “I believe in myself and you have to have your own self respect. And sometimes decisions are very difficult to make, but I’ve always believed that at the core I’m a survivor. There’s not one thing I’ve done that I’ve really set my mind to that I’ve failed at.”

On what’s next up: “I definitely want to do a talk show because it would be different. It would be a lot of fun variety with a ton of unexpected stuff and tributes to everyday people getting their big chance.”

To her fans, Paula says, “The fans all should know I adore, love, appreciate and respect how much they’ve expressed their outpouring of love and support for me. That’s what keeps me going in lots of ways.”

In related news, Paula also confirmed the rumors that she may be getting her own show in Las Vegas. Paula told Access Hollywood, “That will be more… really announced later, when everything’s worked out. It’s going to happen, but the details have yet to be ironed out.”

Sounds like Paula will be one busy lady post-Idol!