Paula Abdul Walks Out of Idol Audition

January 28, 2009 By:
Paula Abdul Walks Out of Idol Audition

Poor Paula Abdul! She is feeling a little left out. On last night’s show during the Jacksonville Florida auditions, Paula up and left in the middle of auditions! Contestant Julissa Veloz was showing the judges what she was made of, and no cared to ask Paula her thoughts.

So rather than just jump in the mix, Paula stormed out of the room, saying, "OK, I guess my opinion doesn't matter. It's so funny because there's four judges... sometimes we forget there's a fourth opinion in this room!”

Then, in a crazy turn of events, it was the contestant Julissa who proceeded to talk Paula through it. She even followed her out of the room, and begged her to come back out, with Paula complaining, “I can’t do this, Julissa!” The contestant then told her, “It’s ok, you’ve been doing this for eight seasons.”

Ok, we know Paula is a little cuckoo, but when you’re leaning on the shoulders of contestants who just walked in the door, it’s not a good sign! Julissa made it through to the Hollywood round. Now, we have to wonder if it was because of her therapist skills to keep Paula sane!