Paula Abdul Upset Over Simon's Paychecks

October 15, 2008 By:
Paula Abdul Upset Over Simon's Paychecks

MSNBC is reporting that American Idol judge Simon Cowell is earning $36 million a year from the wildly popular TV show. They broke that down to about $22,000 for every minute that Simon is on the air.

Now rumors are swirling that Miss Paula Abdul is none too happy with her own paycheck. Paula is supposedly making somewhere in the ballpark of $6 million per year and she obviously feels underpaid.

"Paula knew that Simon was getting paid more, but she never imagined it was this much more. It's ridiculously obvious that she's getting pennies compared to Simon. This could really put her in a bad way.... she has a lot of concerns with feeling appreciated," a friend of Paula said.

Isn't she already in a 'bad way' with her constant on set antics?