Paula Abdul to Get her Own Variety Show?

August 17, 2009 By:
Paula Abdul to Get her Own Variety Show?

Paula Abdul’s career has been like a yo-yo the past few weeks. And now, with confirmation that she isn’t returning to Idol, there has been a lot of speculation as to what’s up next for her.

There was talk last week that Paula would be guest starring on Ugly Betty, and possibly join Dancing With the Stars, but both of those possibilities have since fallen through. A rep for ABC said Paula will no longer play a temp who becomes friends with Becki Newton's Amanda at Mode. The episode had been scheduled to shoot this week.

TMZ claims that Paula is still, however, in negotiations to get her Idol judging job back. Paula isn’t backing down from what she wants though…which is $10 million a season. She also apparently feels "disrespected" by Idol execs learning Victoria Beckham pulled in $275,000 an episode for her recent guest judging stint.

But apparently Paula is also busy negotiating a possible deal to get her own variety show. TMZ claims she met with ABC exec Steve McPherson earlier this week to discuss it. Sources say Paula also talked about her desire to become the executive producer, as well as sit in the “Simon Cowell” seat.

We think Paula is a great judge on American Idol, especially because she’s one of four. But her being on her own, running the show, sounds like a train wreck waiting to happen.

Would you rather see Paula return to Idol after all this hoopla, or see her move on to her own variety show, and start with a clean slate?