Paula Abdul To Choreograph New Vegas Show

November 14, 2008 By:
Paula Abdul To Choreograph New Vegas Show

Paula Abdul is going to be digging into her old Laker girl roots. She's tapped to choreograph a new Vegas show! It's being described as a
Cirque-Du—Soleil inspired live show with a cheerleader theme.

The National Enquirer claims that Paula is also looking to ditch her Idol
judge job too! They say, "She's secretly putting together an exit
strategy…No one knows whether Paula will be back for another season of Idol
after this one, but she's preparing for the future-and she sees her future in Las Vegas! It will be very state-of-the-art with a number of stage props, such as water, lighting, and pyrotechnics."

We could actually totally see Paula in Vegas. It just seems more her style
than LA. And she could get back to her first love…choreography! What do you guys think of this possible new prospect? Would Idol be the same without crazy Paula?