Paula Abdul Suffered Severe Burns By Tanning Salon

January 10, 2014 By:
Paula Abdul Suffered Severe Burns By Tanning Salon
Image By: Getty Images / Michael Dominic/Ai Wire

You don’t get to scorch Paula Abdul’s leg and then get to carry on your merry way. There is hell to pay for such a heinous act, something UVASUN in Los Angeles is learning after this exact narrative played out in 2012.

Paula has filed a lawsuit suing the establishment for a tanning session that went haywire. In her claims, she said she purchased a SlimStar infrared body wrap treatment, laid in the tanning bed ready to bake herself to the color of the most fabulous shade of Ralph’s rotisserie chicken, but then sorely suffered burns all over her body, whoopsidaises.

One burn in particular that not even all the bottles of aloe vera at Costco could alleviate was an “especially severe second or third degree burn on a portion of [her] left thigh.” Paula isn’t just a dancer, but she’s a dancer who danced with a cartoon cat in 1980-whatever, so needless to say, you don’t get to just scorch a dance legend and live to keep incinerating dance legends alive.

Paula is suing for an unspecified amount of damages and say it with us now: Someone is getting burned.