Paula Abdul Not Sure About Returning to Idol

June 5, 2009 By:
Paula Abdul Not Sure About Returning to Idol

We wish these judges would make up their minds! A few weeks ago, the talk was all about Kara DioGuardi possibly not returning to American Idol. But now Paula Abdul has stepped forward to say she’s not positive she’ll be coming back. What would that show be without her?

Paula Abdul was on David Letterman last night, and told him that everything is still up in the air. She said, "I never said [I wasn’t returning]. I just said that I’m not sure. It’s called, um, 'negotiating.’”

But Dave joked with Paula that he tried that tactic once before, and it blew up in his face. He told her, "One time, I tried that, I was coming up to the end of a contract, and I said, 'I don’t know, maybe I won’t come back,' and they said, 'Fine because we’ve got another guy ready to go.’”

But one thing Paula was adamant about was her relationship with Kara. She insisted that there’s no beef between them. Paula told him, "Kara’s great. I don’t understand why they do this to women; they love to pit women against each other. Maybe because it’s sexier, I don’t know. Maybe mud wrestling, the whole thing."

We don’t think Paula is going anywhere! The judges are just trying to get as much publicity as they can for the show as it goes into its 9th season!