Paula Abdul Confirmed as X-Factor Judge

May 9, 2011 By:
Paula Abdul Confirmed as X-Factor Judge

After weeks of speculation, Simon Cowell made two big announcements this week: Paula Abdul will join X-Factor as the last judge and Nicole Scherzinger will co-host with Steve Jones.

No one was really surprised that he picked Paula because they have great chemistry together and he’s been hinting about it for months.

"This show would never have been the same without Paula and I can't believe I am saying this, [but] I have missed her a lot, and I am thrilled she's on the show," Simon told Us Weekly on Sunday.

"I am excited beyond words to be a part of The X Factor," the 48-year-old Abdul said in a statement. "I couldn't be happier to bring my love for cultivating talent and performance to such a wildly anticipated show.

I can’t help but think of X-Factor as a newer version of Idol. Simon, Paula and a funny bald guy with glasses? He pretty much traded Ryan Seacrest for a Pussycat doll and gave the show a new name. Is it too similar to Idol? Will you tune in?