11 of Paul Walker's Best Smiles

December 4, 2013 By:
11 of Paul Walker's Best Smiles
Image By: Getty Images / Eamonn McCormack

Last weekend, everyone was left stunned by the sudden loss of Paul Walker.

At the age of just 40 years old, the actor's death prompted many questions about the details of the car accident that took his life. It also brought forth an outpouring of love and support for his family, friends, and the legacy he left behind. 

Looking back at his work, namely the Fast & Furious franchise for which he was most beloved, you’ll find many impressive moments to reminisce on—intense stunt work, comedic one-liners, believable chemistry with pretty much anyone who starred opposite him—but the moments that stick out the most to us are when the actor smiled. His ability to convey so much with a simple grin really is a talent and it will be sadly missed.

1. The Chuckle

2. The Slow Grin

3. The Most Contagious Laugh

4. The Wink-Then-Smile

5. The Never Stop Winking-Then-Smiling Smile

6. The '90s Throwback Smile

7. The Suave '50s Smile

8. The F*ck You Smile

9. The Laughing Till Tears Smile

10. The Smize

11. The Always Genuine Smile