Paul Rudd Sets the Bar for Men Everywhere

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Paul Rudd Sets the Bar for Men Everywhere
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As a male, it would be soooo much easier to get by in this world if Paul Rudd weren't around. Why?

Because Paul Rudd is the perfect model of a man.

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Helloooooo, Paul. :))))



He’s 45, but he looks like he hasn't aged a day in his life.

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A case study for moisturizing nightly, fellas.


He’s been married for over 10 years.

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And is the sweetest father to his two children and probably gives them the best dad advice.



While also making the best/worst dad jokes.



Oh, also, he’s Paul Effing Rudd!



Not just hilarious,


But routinely adorable.



Bonus: He looks ridiculously cute in glasses.


Glassesssssssssss. *drool*



He sets a high bar for sexy.



But he isn’t afraid to hit the low bar of sexy either.


People would sleep with him for a mere dollar if they could.

As proven in this video with Billy Eichner.


He’s just a little bit of everything. Able to go from this,



To this.


All in a single heartbeat.


So good luck, men of the world, trying to encapsulate everything that Paul already does so well.



It won’t be easy trying to live up to his gloriousness.


Keep up if you can!