Paul McCartney to Marry Nancy Shevell?

January 26, 2009 By:
Paul McCartney to Marry Nancy Shevell?

Clearly Paul McCartney learned nothing from his $50+ million dollar divorce, because he's reportedly planning on walking down the aisle with current girlfriend Nancy Shevell.

The couple, who recently moved in together, met 30 years ago when their families would vacation together. Her divorce from lawyer Bruce Blakeman was barely finalized last month.

"Nancy and Sir Paul are totally natural together and feel blessed to have found happiness," a source told The Mirror.

"Unlike Heather [Mills], Nancy is a multi-millionaire in her own right and therefore could never be portrayed as being interested in Sir Paul for his money. She is calm, measured and mature, whereas Heather is fiery and impulsive."

It's great that they're in love, but they both just came out of failed marriages, what's the rush? Why can't they just continue to live together instead of getting married? Guess we'll never understand celebrities’ addiction to marriage--among other things.