Patti Stanger Slaps Crew Member, Might Get Fired!

July 2, 2012 By:

Patti Stanger is known for having a sharp tongue, if I recall, she once told a “Millionaire Matchmaker” contestant “what is up with your hair? Are you a man, a woman, or a mouse?” and also, “you are in the stages of obesity.”

I mean, she’s straight up, she says what's on her mind, but the millionaire matchmaker matron took her scathing words one step further and got into a physical confrontation with one of her crew members and now the future of her show is in jeopardy.

“Patti slapped someone on the arm when she got annoyed,” an insider told the Huffington Post. “It was a member of the production crew. This is very serious and conversations are being had about firing Patti and canceling her show.”

Cancel the show? Over some arm slapping? It was probably just Patty’s version of showing affection.

If they cancel her show, how else are fake millionaires going to be set up with rejects from casting agencies in relationships that fizzle out 10 minutes after the cameras stop rolling!!?!!

Apparently, the crew and production company are just fed up and looking for any excuse to pull the plug on her show.

“She has never been nice, but all her drama made for great TV. But now she believes her own hype and actually thinks she’s a very important star and the rules do not apply to her. She’s about to crash and burn,” says the source, before adding this forewarning, “It’s one thing to get angry and verbally attack someone, but to physically touch someone is unacceptable.”

Bravo declined to comment on this story.