How Patti Stanger Found True Love

March 5, 2013 By:
How Patti Stanger Found True Love

It’s been the long-running storyline of “Millionaire Matchmaker,” but it finally looks like it’s coming to a blissful conclusion.

Yes, it appears that Patti Stanger has finally found her other half. The matchmaking mogul dishes on her love life to Hollyscoop.

“Met my new boyfriend online,” Stanger tells HS. “I was like what the hell; Jenny McCarthy and Ricki Lake were both friends of mine that said you got to try online dating and I tried it and I met him and now I'm living with him.”

And, while there’s no engagement ring just yet, the couple has made a commitment in other ways.

“I have a promise ring,” says Stanger. “So I still got a ring, I like a lot of jewelry so I'm totally milking it for what it's worth!”

The couple spent their first date at Killer Shrimp in Marina Del Rey, and Mr. Right was instantly struck by Patti’s smoking figure. But it wasn’t until the third date that he even realized who she was.

“His 14-year-old daughter Sammy told him, ‘Dad, you're dating the Millionaire Matchmaker,’” says Stanger. "He was like 'who's that?' He watches ‘Gold Rush’ and ‘Duck Dynasty,’ he doesn't know this stuff.”

In addition to making it work on a personal level, Stanger is just as busy as ever in the business world. She has partnered with Cee-Lo Green, Perez Hilton and Ne-Yo to develop the signature cocktail TY KU, which offers beverage aficionados a low calorie and hangover friendly sake treat.

“I got involved in this because I'm gluten free,” Stanger says.

While the drink goes great on the rocks or in a martini, she suggests the Patti Stanger Low Colada. The recipe calls for her coconut flavored sake, a citrus drink (orange juice or lemonade will do), and a little romance…

TY KU is an all natural beverage and is currently available at Whole Foods. Look for the bottle that glows in the dark!