Patrick Swayze Slams Heart Attack Rumors

July 22, 2009 By:
Patrick Swayze Slams Heart Attack Rumors

Patrick Swayze wants to assure his fans that reports of him suffering from a heart attack are completely fabricated.

Earlier today the National Enquirer reported that Swayze, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year, suffered from a heart attack.

"The shocking discovery was made during a routine appointment with his doctors - and it created a terrible dilemma for the star and his doctors," the tabloid reported.

While Patrick has stayed relatively mum about fabricated reports, he wanted to make sure this rumor was cleared ASAP!

His spokesperson says, “He’s well. He’s continuing his treatment and doing very well, actually. Contrary to reports, he did not suffer a heart attack and has even gained a little weight.”

He actually does look a little healthier now than he did a few months ago. We just hope he gave up his nasty smoking habit so he can concentrate on being healthy. As always, our thoughts are with Patrick and his family.