Patrick Dempsey's Big Screen Transformation

May 4, 2010 By:
Patrick Dempsey's Big Screen Transformation

Patrick Dempsey is hanging up his scrubs and taking a walk on the wild side.

Dempsey just revealed that he's set to star in Transformers 3, which has a tentative release date of July 2011.

According to Variety, Dempsey told reporters in Brazil that he'll play a darker character in the movie.

He said, “I start filming later this month in Transformers 3, which I play a character who is far more ‘dark’ than others.”

And McDreamy isn't the only one joining the sequel, Jamie Kennedy reportedly landed a role as well. "I had an interesting interview with the people behind the new 'Transformers' movie and I may have a role in the movie," said Kennedy.

Can't wait to see pics of sexy Dempsey on set!