Paris squashed again?

February 16, 2006 By:
Paris squashed again?

Could there be trouble brewing in paradise? Could Mary-Kate’s prayers have been answered? Paris certainly isn’t having the The Best Week Ever Sources reveal that Paris Hilton and her beau Stavros have called it quits. “Stavros, whose parents refused to acknowledge her (Paris) existence in their son’s life, has left her.”

Talks are that the hunky Stavros has dropped Miss Hilton because his parents gave him an ultimatum: His billions or his bitch!

That’s why I love the Greeks!

Paris already ruined her family name, there is no way Stavros’s parents are going to let her ruin theirs too.

When asked about the breakup, Paris’s publicist was quick to reply, “I believe Paris and Stavros are still a couple”

Ya and I believe your full of shit.

What ever will poor Paris do?? The list of Greek shipping heirs isn’t all that long and Paris has already slept with half the list…I already tagged and released Latsis so stay away. I don’t mind sloppy seconds.