Paris Jackson In A Good Place, Says Grandma

August 27, 2013 By:
Paris Jackson In A Good Place, Says Grandma

It’s been a minute since we heard any updates about Paris Jackson. Last we heard, she had enrolled in a boarding school that was part rehab, part high school.

Well, apparently she’s doing really well there…a lot better than the bullying and drama that was supposedly going on at her LA-based private school.

Her grandma and guardian Katherine Jackson told Hello! Magazine, “She is in a good place, getting the help she needs. She is doing much better. The treatment is going good, really good. She’s my baby. It’s hard for me, really hard. All I want these kids to be is happy.

She also added that her son, Michael Jackson did a good job of raising his kids while he was alive.

“He instilled good manners [in them], but it’s a different generation, of course, and I don’t understand the whole social media thing. They are always on their phones.”