Judge Appoints TJ Jackson Co-Guardian Of MJ’s Kids

August 22, 2012 By:
Judge Appoints TJ Jackson Co-Guardian Of MJ’s Kids

The chaos seems to have subsided for now over at the Jackson family camp.

On Wednesday, Judge Mitchell Beckloff officially appointed 34-year-old TJ Jackson as a permanent co-guardian of his uncle’s children Paris, Prince, and Blanket. Today was previously scheduled as the decision day when TJ was granted co-guardianship earlier last month.

Howard Weitzman confirms to Hollyscoop that the Judge today granted the Petition for co-guardianship naming TJ Jackson and Mrs. Jackson as co-guardians of the children.

As Hollyscoop previously reported, the judge’s decision that was announced today was expected to play out the way it did.

TJ stepped in to assume the role of temporary caretaker when the children’s previous sole guardian, their grandmother Katherine, went missing last month.

While Katherine was M.I.A. at an Arizona resort, TJ was appointed the temporary position. However, upon Katherine’s return to Los Angeles, the family joined forces, coming up with a new and improved petition to spilt the guardianship responsibilities between Katherine and TJ.

In case the matriarch steps out in the future, the kids will have a clear plan of who to take care of them. It will also allow Katherine to focus on parenting, rather than administrative duties…

According to Judge Beckloff, though TJ's new role serves more-or-less as a backup measure for the kids, he is still confident in Katherine’s abilities as a caregiver.

“It’s clear to me the kids are cared for by Mrs. Jackson. It’s obvious they love her very much, they seem to be doing very well,” Beckloff previously said, adding, “Katherine has done a wonderful job. I think the kids are in terrific hands.”

KABC reports that Billie Jean Jackson – the woman who claims to be Blanket’s biological mother – tells the source she plans to petition for guardianship of the ten-year-old next month.

The drama never ends…