Decision Made Over Paris Jackson Guardianship

June 25, 2013 By:
Decision Made Over Paris Jackson Guardianship

In light of Paris Jackson’s recent suicide attempt, there was much talk about taking her away from her grandma and making her biological mom Debbie Rowe her legal guardian.

It was even reported that Paris wants to go live with her godmother Diana Ross but today, a judge took no action in Paris Jackson’s guardianship. 

She remains under the care of both Katherine Jackson and her cousin TJ Jackson.

However, Debbie Rowe, who only came back into Paris’ life recently, told the investigator that she’ll step in if she doesn’t think Katherine or TJ is doing a good job.

This coming from the woman who regularly talks to gossip blogs about Paris and only came back into her life recently, but sure.

For now, nothing has changed. Hopefully the living situation provides the stability Paris desperately needs.